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Vollay Aluminium Shutters and Louvres – About Us

Our company, Shade Systems originated in 1987 and has grown and developed organically through its early beginnings as a supplier of window furnishings and hardware

Over time, with the expansion of the range, overseas clients also saw the advantage of products that had been tested to such a high standard, and they became part of our customer base

From our factory/warehouse based at Villawood NSW, we have been servicing our customer’s requirements, supplying a complete range of products Australia wide, specialising in the areas of shutters, louvres and natural ventilation systems.

We identified a need to supply economical, integrated light control and energy management systems. Based on our knowledge and experience we utilised the natural ventilation characteristics we utilised the natural ventilation characteristics, and began work on our environmentally sensitive systems.

In our quest to establish our quality range of products, we found it necessary to invest in research and development tools to enable us to achieve our goals. This included the establishment of an internal design facility using CAD technology to assist in development. A full time tool maker was employed, enabling us to perform product cycle testing, prototyping and assist in the ongoing development of assembly jigs and tooling.

From our successful start in the design and manufacture of Vollay ™ Aluminium Shutters and Louvres, we have grown our business in the Commercial arena and supply one of the most comprehensive ranges of residential and commercial shutter and louvre systems available in Australia today.

With a wide range of blades sizes and designs from 45 to 600mm, Vollay ™ customers are able to satisfy their customer’s demands on any project. This is further enhanced by the Vollay ™ Aluminium Shutters and Louvres philosophy of continual product improvement and our ‘boutique’ approach to new products to hit the the market very quickly.

Vollay Aluminium Shutters and Louvres in-house CAD Design facilities offer a complete creative package for the development of technical drawings and point-of-sale material, speeding up the creative process and allowing the client the opportunity to converse with our technical/creative team.

The full range of services above enables Vollay Aluminium Shutters and Louvres to provide its clients a complete turn key package.

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